全新系列 GAKI RACE #0 Zaiki 角色故事漫畫
All new series - GAKI RACE #0 Zaiki
Character story
Design and comic by Jei Tseng
The world are dominated by three realms - Heaven, Mortal, Hell, with the three realms performing their duty, it forms the basis of day and night. Among them, [Hell] is the realm that makes humans tremble in fear, the sins they did in their life are being accounted for here….
In hell, the soul's sins and desire are refined into Soul Energy , other than being the currency of demons, it can be consumed by them to strengthen their power. The demon that became victor of Hell's annual event Hell Racing, are granted a part of the years' worth of Soul Energy.
The Bastard Son of Satan - Zaiki, plan to change [Hell Racing] rules to his own liking, and make it into unrestricted Brawl [Gaki Race]. But, will the elite demons allow Zaiki to destroy the tradition of Hell Racing?

Hell Racing  - Hell annual event to allocate Soul Energy, due to the reason Soul Energy have to be split among hells demon lord, Satan uses this race to reward his subordinates, the winner of the race will receive great amount of Soul Energy. But of course loser of the race might be part of the Soul Energy.


Hell design - multicultural hell, hell consist of both eastern and western elements. Main leader of hell are the seven sins (western), Youkai (Japanese eastern), Hell King (Chinese eastern) and etc.

Current known hell and human realm connection  - teleporter and summoning circle.

在獄界,靈魂中大量的罪惡與慾望會被提煉為「閻屴」,除了作為惡魔們的通用貨幣、也能食用以增強自身力量。於一年一度的地獄盛事「HELL RACING」中奪冠的強大惡魔,將獲得該年所提煉的部分閻屴。
連他老爸都治不了的撒旦之子―ZAIKI,這次打算按喜好任意更改「HELL RACING」的規則,變成無限制大亂鬥「GAKI RACE」。不過,菁英惡魔們真的會任由ZAIKI破壞流傳已久的「HELL RACING」傳統嗎?

HELL RACING – 地獄的一年一度的唯一娛樂項目,由於【閻屴】要被各路魔王瓜分,撒旦以這項比賽來分發他手中的靈力給予他的下屬,奪冠者能獲得大量的閻屴。當然失敗者有可能在比賽中成爲閻屴的一部分。 地獄構造 – 多元地獄,有東西方地獄元素。首領為7魔王(西方),大妖怪(日系東方),閻王(中華系東方)等。。 目前可知地獄和人間連結方式 – 傳送門, 召喚陣。