Life art #1 Monkey king deck

Life art #1 Monkey king

 #1 Monkey king 是以JT所創作的第一個人偶作品,藉由Ctrl K重新詮釋中西風格向街頭文化致敬,通過將藝術品印製在滑板上,將人偶與藝術共同帶入你的生活。

#1 Monkey king is the first work created by JT.

 Paying tribute to street culture byReinterpreting Chinese and western style with Ctrl K via printing artworkon skateboards and bringing figure and art into your life


Available pre-order on 27th Oct at
PM12:00 Taiwan time (GMT +8)

  • Limit edition of 150 
  • Price : $150 + shipping fee 
  • 80x20x10 cm
  • Made of 7 ply Canadian Maple wood
  • Top and bottom are paint and print 
  • Skateboard only, not include figure.