在 10/1 前登記購買TTF限定商品的前20組VIP顧客,我們將會寄上VIP票券讓您免費進場 (限台灣)

電子信箱 :

To show appreciation to all J.T studio supporter, we will reserve the TTF limited edition figure. All you have to do is show us a photo of the three certificate card (clear enough to see the number) and your name(for identifying the person that is picking up the figure via If entity card or passport) before 1st October

To those who registered to purchase the TTF exclusive goods before 10/1, we will send you a VIP ticket for free to enter TTF (limited to Taiwan only)

PS: one set of numbers can only claim once. And only available to pick up on the TTF event. Everyone can only collect one set on the spot despite having several set of number.
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