Monkey king sport X series

Monkey King - Sport X series
• Price : Sport X 4Pack - US$330 (Special Packaging)
Single - US$99 
*The Black ver. only for 4pack set.
• 8 point action.
• 8"high, 21cm
• Pre-order time : 2018/7/18 ~ 2018/7/25 
Taiwan time AM 0:00
• Pre-order at
• Available to ship on Oct ,2018 ( According to actual production progress)
• Free ship to world wide.

Monkey King - Sport X series
• 價格 : Sport X 4Pack 套裝組- TW$8980 (特殊包裝)
單隻 - TW$2680 *黑色款僅限套裝組
• 8個可動關節.
• 高度:8寸, 21公分
• 預購時間 : 2018/7/18 ~ 2018/7/25, 台灣時間AM 0:00
• Pre-order at
• 發貨時間:10月2018 (依照實際製作進度為主)

【How to get the Black ver.】
Customers who have previously purchased the original color version can purchase one of the SPORT X series single series within 48 hours of starting the pre-order, and email the previous purchase record to, can purchase BLACK ver at US$90 (If you buy from dealer, please contact the dealer)

In addition, 30 black models will be lottery for new customers. As long as you purchase a single series of SPORT X series within 48 hours from the start of pre-order, email to will be able to lottery black ver for 99US$. If you be lottery, you will be notified by email. If you do not pay within 48 hours, you will be given the opportunity. (Only for customers who purchase form the official website)

【黑色版本 取得方式】
先前購買原色版的顧客,只要在開始預購的48小時內購買SPORT X系列的單隻系列某一款,將之前的購買紀錄截圖 email到,即可以TW$2480加購黑色款. (如先前是找經銷商購買的請找經銷商詢問)

另外開放30個黑色款名額給新客戶抽選,只要在開始預購的48小時內購買SPORT X系列的單隻系列某一款,email到即可以TW$2680抽選黑色款.,抽選到會以Email通知付款,如48小時內未付款將會讓機會給其他人.(僅限官網訂購的客戶)