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Street Mask 

In these street that fills with countless hypocrites there are two clans, one is those who fight for their dreams, the "Crazy D”; And the other that seek to destroy their dreams, the "Night M." had commence a street battle of light and darkness.

"Crazy D.” The fanatics that follows their own dreams, and each being the best in their field of expertise in street style. They formed the "Crazy D" and sworn to protect the dreamers that pursue their dreams.

"Night M." They wore mask so no one will know who they are, jealous and envy of the people that are better than them, they strike and break their achievement and dreams with despicable ways in the dark just to fulfil their own selfish desire.


在這充滿虛偽面具的街頭裡有著兩派族群,一群朝著夢想前進的「Crazy D.」,以及破壞夢想的「Night M.」,展開了一場光與暗的街頭爭鬥。

「Crazy D.」 他們瘋狂愛好自己所追求的夢想,也是各街頭領域中的佼佼者。為了保護朝著夢想前進的人們而成立「Crazy D.」

「Night M.」 他們帶著一副假面具讓一般人分辨不出來,看著那些朝著夢想前進的佼佼者,內心產生了忌妒跟憎恨,不時地在黑暗中用任何手段傷害為了夢想而努力的人們。

Sketch & Design By Jei Tseng  

The model All handmade sculpt by Jei Tseng. 全手工雕刻製作由Jei Tseng完成.

Hair is all handmade, Each one maybe slightly different. 頭髮黏著需要每一個手工製作修剪,每一個或許會有些許不同.



Underground Fighting is ruleless fight club in East street. Attracting fighter around the globe to join the fight. Garot is nature born fighter

he indulge himself with fighting technique from around the world to strengthen his own. to the point that he joined Underground Fighting(UF). Upon claiming victory from the UF

he received the ultimate title of UF - the APE - GT mask.

【Underground Fighting】是在East Street舉辦的無規則地下格鬥賽,簡稱”UF”,吸引了世界各地不同技巧的格鬥家來參賽。

GAROT 天生對格鬥熱衷,為了增強自己的實力以及學習各個領域的技巧也前往參加UF。GAROT 在比賽中獲勝,得到了地下格鬥霸主象徵” APE - GT MASK”


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Vitta Upon being defeated by Garot in UF and gaining the runner up title. Vitta started extreme training, but still his effort could not match with Garot skills, which leads him to the usage of power enhancing drug.

Night.M saw the opportunity and gave him The Unknown Power.



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For Oversea

• Single Price : 250 US 

                  • 2Pack Price : 490 US ( APE – GT Bonus x1)

• Limited to 399 pieces Worldwide

• Free Shipping to worldwide while Pre-order

• Prototype shown, Final product maybe slightly different

• Hair is all handmade, Each one maybe slightly different 

• Available to ship on Q1~Q2, 2020 

• Pre-order on Sep,18 , 2019 ,at

AM 10:00 Taiwan Time     

PM 10:00  New York Time (Previous Day, Sep,17 , 2019)


For Taiwan

 • 單人格 :  7580 TWD

• 雙人包價格 : 14800 TWD ( 雙人包特典APE – GT Bonus x1)

• 限量399個       

• 預購時間全球免運• Design & Handmade by Jei Tseng 

• 設計跟手工製作 by Jei Tseng

• 圖片為樣品展示,最終產品也許會有些許不同

• 頭髮為手工製作及修剪,每一個或許會有些許不同

• 預計發貨時間為2020年第一季~第二季

• 在2019, 9月18號 , AM 10:00台灣時間開始預購