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5th Anniversary

五年前的10月,我的第一個作品 - Monkey king , 當時的生產技術還未能夠將想法完全呈現,也有很多不足的地方。 現在將這五年累積的經驗以及自己開發的素體,將更多的細節跟想法重新創作在五週年作品上,感謝這五年來大家的支持。

 Five years ago when I release my first work - Monkey King, the technology back than could not fulfils my idea into the product, and have a lot of flaws in it. Now with the experience I gain in the last five years, and a body that I develop myself will bring in more details and recreation to the new Five year anniversary product. Thank you everyone for supporting in this five years.

Sketch & Design By Jei Tseng

The smaple model All handmade work by Jei Tseng. 5th 樣板全手工製作由Jei Tseng完成.            Hair is all handmade, Each one maybe slightly different. 頭髮黏著需要每一個手工製作修剪,每一個或許會有些許不同.





  5TH是猴武門第五代傳人 , 身負重任的5TH雖然擁天賦但並不想要接下傳人的位置,5TH更想要的是可以自由的生活,享受只有跟滑板相處的時光,唯獨這麼做才能讓他心裡脫離束縛。

5TH is the fifth generation successor of the Monkey Clan, with great responsibility on the talented 5TH, his heart lies somewhere else. Instead of being a successor of a clan, he long for freedom and enjoy the companionship of his skateboard. Only at that moment, can make his heart felt free from his heavy burden.


這次做了新的小腿零件,整體比例會矮一公分. This time I made a new calf part, the size will be 1cm short.

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Deluxe version.


The deluxe edition for this round is the Time capsule. Five years have passed, everything might have changed, but something have to be kept the same. Inside the time capsule will have Monkey King’s first version headsculpt with the classic element and rescaled.

Normal version & Deluxe version 

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For Oversea

• Price : 250 US 

 • Deluxe Version : 280 US 

    ( Time Caspule & Origin Headsculpt Bonus)

• Limited to 399 pieces Worldwide

• Design & Handmade by Jei Tseng

• Free Shipping to worldwide while Pre-order

• Prototype shown, Final product maybe slightly different

• Hair is all handmade, Each one maybe slightly different 

• Available to ship on Q1~Q2, 2020 

• Pre-order on OCT,30 , 2019 ,at

AM 10:00 Taiwan Time     

PM 10:00  New York Time (Previous Day, OCT,29 , 2019)


For Taiwan

 •  一般版 :  7580 TWD

• 豪華版價格 : 8480 TWD ( 豪華版特典-時空膠囊 起源頭雕)

    • 限量399       

• 預購時間全球免運 

• 設計跟手工製作 by Jei Tseng

• 圖片為樣品展示,最終產品也許會有些許不同

• 頭髮為手工製作及修剪,每一個或許會有些許不同

• 預計發貨時間為2020年第一季~第二季

• 2019, 1030 , AM 10:00台灣時間開始預購