As years pass, the once skilled skater, BULL, broke his leg in an accident and was forced to let go his dream.
Now Bull make a living as a tattoo artist with his loving family but never once have his family seen him smile...

某一夜,BULL Jr看見父親看著一張舊照片露出笑容,好奇的BULL Jr發現那是一張父親和KONG對決時拍的一張照片。
從那一夜起,BULL Jr 發誓他會繼承他父親的腳步代替他完成夢想以及再一次看見他的笑容。
可是BULL認爲BULL Jr 太小而禁止他碰滑板。 因此,BULL Jr 化名 "RedKid" 以戰勝Kong爲目標來證明給他父親和這個世界知道,他不但準備好挑戰這個世界,他準備成為這個世界的最强。

• 2PACK : 399+ shipping.
• Size: 20cm high
• 2pack will packaging separately.
• Limited to 399 pieces
• New kid body for RedKid • RedKid only for 2pack set. • Available to ship on Q1, 2021
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