Yoru twin brother, since they were kids Yoku like doing the same thing as his older brother. Ever since Yoru started yoyo, Yoku began learning along with Yoru, but his skill was never a matched of and always below his brother, to a point where everyone thought Yoku was just a second-rate Yoru, which causes Yoku to grew envy and hatred, that made "Night M." to bring him into their clan.
YOKU 是YORU的雙胞胎弟弟,從小喜歡跟哥哥做一樣的事,自從哥哥接觸YOYO之後也跟著學習,但成績一直都在哥哥之下,世人認為YOKU只是哥哥的複製次級品,因此內心產生了忌妒跟憎恨,而被「Night M.」找上。

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