Yoru was born in a famous Ukiyo-E family in Kyoto, since young he got into playing yoyo and started his dream. Living by the Inari Shrine made Yoru to constantly sneak out to practice in the shrine, while his skill improved faster than usual, which led him to believe that the Inari God has blessed him with the power to persuade his dream, thus making him to used a fox mask to act as his personal lucky charm. Never giving up on his path Yoru joined the clan “Crazy D.”
YORU出生於京都著名的浮世繪家族,在幼時接觸了搖搖而開始了YORU的夢想之路。住在稻荷神社附近的YORU時常跑到神社內練習,YORU技術進步飛快,從那時認為是稻荷神賦予他前進夢想的力量,因此將狐狸面具作為他的幸運之物,努力追尋夢想的YORU加入了「Crazy D.」

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