Ray & Derek is a professional Boomerang player. In order to stand on the international stage and continue practice hard, on the day of achievement awards, because of the endless news pages of super heroes saving the world, they are ignored by the world. In order to get attention, They feel angry and awkwardness Let them decide to cosplay to be super heroes to do bad things. At this time their dream has been swallowed by Night M.....
Ray & Derek是迴力鏢領域的專業好手,為了站在國際舞台上努力不懈的練習,在獲得成就獎項的那刻, 卻因超級英雄拯救世人的新聞版面層出不窮而被世人忽略,為了獲得關注,內心的憤怒跟嫉妒讓他們決定裝扮成超級英雄去做壞事,在這時他們的夢想已被Night M給吞噬….

• Price : 230 US
• Limited to 399 pieces Worldwide
• LED illuminated eyes (requires 2 AG1 batteries, not included).
• Available to ship on Q3,2018
• Pre-order on April 18, 2018