"Underground Fighting" is ruleless fight club in East street. Attracting fighter around the globe to join the fight. Garot is nature born fighter, he indulge himself with fighting technique from around the world to strengthen his own. to the point that he joined Underground Fighting(UF). Upon claiming victory from the UF, he received the ultimate title of UF - the APE - GT mask.

"Underground Fighting"是在East Street舉辦的無規則地下格鬥賽,簡稱"UF",吸引了世界各地不同技巧的格鬥家來參賽。
GAROT 天生對格鬥熱衷,為了增強自己的實力以及學習各個領域的技巧也前往參加UF。GAROT 在比賽中獲勝,得到了地下格鬥霸主象徵" APE - GT MASK"

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