5TH is the fifth generation successor of the Monkey Clan, with great responsibility on the talented 5TH, his heart lies somewhere else. Instead of being a successor of a clan, he long for freedom and enjoy the companionship of his skateboard. Only at that moment, can make his heart felt free from his heavy burden.

5TH是猴武門第五代傳人 , 身負重任的5TH雖然擁天賦但並不想要接下傳人的位置,5TH更想要的是可以自由的生活,享受只有跟滑板相處的時光,唯獨這麼做才能讓他心裡脫離束縛。

• Price : 250 US
• Deluxe Version : 280 US
( Time Caspule & Origin Headsculpt Bonus)
• Limited to 399 pieces Worldwide
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• Prototype shown, Final product maybe slightly different
• Hair is all handmade, Each one maybe slightly different
• Available to ship on Q1~Q2, 2020
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