He is a man who live by the code “action speaks louder than word”.
Despite being a hot head that doesn’t follow command, his basketball skill is outstanding. However always being a lone wolf of his team, he was kicked out of his basketball team.
Growing up tough in the bad neighborhood, he knew he have to be the good to survive in this concrete jungle.
He decided to go street basketball and challenge anyone and everyone that is willing to bet on the court.
With his skill he slowly gain the reputation on the court. With every game he win, the cockier he gets, to a point he call himself “KING”.
No king ever face no defeat, He met his match the day he meet Flash. Flash like his name suggest is fast and agile
breaking his defence and stoping his shot like nobody’s business. When he loses his game, he wasn’t angry, but actually felt “happy”
he found his match and he is ready to fight to claim back his throne.
Night M approaches him to recruit him into their clan, but he refuses with one line
Impress by his determination, Night M left him a mask and leave without a word.
As if they were mocking him, the mask they gave him resembles a lion, the king of jungle.
That is the day KING - the basketball king of concrete jungle is born.
King have been challenging Flash frequently throughout the time, his current match record is 25 win 25 lose.

King 是行動派的人。熱血上頭的他往往會無視教練指令,不過這都是建立在他過人的球技。但是,無論球技有多強,一個不合群的球員是沒有立足之地的,因此他被踢出球隊。
任何王者都會面對敗北,他遇見了他的對手,Flash。 Flash人如其名,速度敏捷和流暢,輕輕鬆鬆的就破King的防,擋下King的球。
Night M有嘗試吸納King進入他們的團隊,不過被他的一句話回絕
被King的宣言打動,Night M 只留下了一個面具。不知道是諷刺還是巧合,面具的照型為萬獸之王-獅子。
那一天,正是King - 水泥叢林的籃球王者- 誕生的一天。
根據後來者表示,King挑戰Flash無數次,目前的勝負為 25 勝 25 敗。

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