8"2GO - Pig
8"2GO - Pig
8"2GO - Pig
8"2GO - Pig
8"2GO - Pig
US : $ 120 NT : $ 3360
  • 8"2GO design by Jei Tseng

    Sep 2021 works

    • Overseas delivery by Airmail

    • Limited time for preorder

    • Prototype shown, Final product maybe slightly different

    • Available to ship on Q1~Q2, 2022 

    • Size : 8inch, 20~23cm

    • 4P set details include
    - 4P Exclusive packagex1
    - Character sketch x1
    - Illustration poster x1
    - Figure x4
    - Skateboard x4
    - 1:1 bag x4
    • Single detail include
    - Figure x1
    - Skateboard x1
    - Bag x1
    - 1:1 bag x1


“V monster Skateboarding Competition”- the annual feast which plenty of monsters gathering together to participate.
Sun, Pig, Sha, Tang are commissioned to win the biggest prize - Skateboarding Bible.
The concept of 8”2GO series is designed for collectors to carry figures with them.
Therefore, each character will be equipped with a 1:1 carrying bag. The figure and the skateboard are located in different layers to avoid scratches. Meanwhile, you can hang the bag directly on your body by the attached strap.
The proportion of 8” 2GO series is 1/6, the height of 10-12 years old children, about 8 inches(21~23cm). The body has 24 movable joints.