YOX (DIY ver.)
YOX (DIY ver.)
YOX (DIY ver.)
YOX (DIY ver.)
US : $ 60
NT : $ 1600
YOX (DIY ver.)
  • The Yox design by Jei Tseng.
    Limited 100.

    Feb 2017 works

    *Free shipping to worldwide


Yox is the guardian of dreams.Legend has it that Yox comes in different color and each with their own unique power

Shipping in Aug, 2017

Each color limited to 100 pieces.

Design by Jei Tseng

Material : Sofubi

High: 11CM


2017, 八月開始出貨


設計: Jei Tseng

材質 : 軟膠

高度: 11CM